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Entry #1


2008-09-25 02:39:37 by Karst96

I just started using flash this week and it is definetly interesting.


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2008-12-19 01:42:27

flash :3


2009-02-28 02:20:16

:) if you need some pointers feel free to ask
im glad you liked my animation feel free to check out my other work! see you around!


Karst96 responds:

Thanks for the offer, I keep it in mind. Right now I'm working on a huge project but with school I won't be able to make a good dent until spring break.
The best part is that there's little coding and more animating. As of right no it's about 4,000 frames long


2009-11-10 00:54:37

see tutorials and test you work !